Перевод песни D4L – Stuntman

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Bitch I'm the stuntman and I got dough man
Got so much ice they call me the ice man
Wanna talk pro man
Sumthin You don't know man
Bitch I'm movin' bricks long way from a 4 man (ha-ha)
Even be the 'dro man
Nawl I'on smoke man
Tryna see it big in the stop to kick doors man
Stack fa the show man
20 grand oh man
Even got my own gear wit stoney on the clothes man
Sixes not four man
Platinum not dough man
D4L big on the all rose gold van
Haters don't understand
I'm not tryin to be the man
I wasn't born wit a silver spoon
But bitch I'm the stunt man
Had real big dreams since I was young to be the stuntman
2 kids and a wifey with anything I want man
How to be a superstar
How to drive the finest cars
Son ain't nun but seven years old and already got a car
? Is good too
Coped her a cellphone
Never turn on my crew
D4L we made it home
We stay in the trap
Tryna get that money up So? gone stunt
Cuz he got mega bucks
I got money man I got money man
So in the club I'm throwin' money man
(Damn right)
They try to stop me but stuntman gone still shine
And these diamonds in my necklace they gone still shine
Dem niggas hate but this boy ridin' 26's
AC blowin' with the crew pullin' plenty bitches
Hang low but I'm still poppin' rubberbands
(What's your name??)
Bitch I'm the stuntman
Ha Ha