Перевод песни Lil' Kim – Hold It Now [With Radio Interlude]

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Now here’s a little story I got to tell
About a gangsta ass bitch, y’all know so well
It started way back, in history
With Lil' Kim, Junior M.A.F.I.A., and B.I.G.
(Hold it, hold it now)
Go Kim! Go Kim! (hold, hold it now)
Go Kim! Go Kim! (hold it, hold it now)
Go Kim! Go Kim! (hold, hold it now)
(Lil' Kim)
Now here’s a little story I gots to tell
'Bout the first rap bitch to rock Chanel
Taught you how to get money and pop Cristal
Even gave y’all tips on ridin' cock as well
The Beehive, sticker say «better beware»
If it’s buzzin' in the spot
You know my boys is here (bzzzzz)
If we in the parkin' lot, you know the toys is there
Pushin' drop G-Wagons, two doors, ya hear?
Hold it now, the Queen’s sittin in the chair
Now y’all wanna dress sexy and dye your hair?
Will the real Kim stand up?
It’s frauds in here
I’m bout to pull the plug on all y’all broads this year
(Lights out!)
(Chorus 2x)
When we come to the clubs they be like
(Hold, hold it now)
When we pull up on them dubs they be like
(Hold it, hold it now)
Where my bitches and my thugs gettin right
(Hold, hold it now)
Come chill in V.I.P. with us for the night — WHOAHHH!
(Lil' Kim)
Now all my all my all my bitches rub ya titties
(If ya love Biggie)
And all my niggaz grab ya dicks
If you feelin' the bitch
I’m in the middle of the dancefloor (go Kim, go Kim)
Killin' the shit
With the Belve', tryin' not to spill any shit
You know the Queen show love when I’m up in the club
I like to play with my coochie when I’m up in the tub
You a, sensitive thug, let me give you a hug
Y’all thirsty ass niggas take this bottle of bub
I’m the, First Lady, so I can’t lose
Because of me y’all rock rhymes in high heel shoes
Lil' Kim the Grammy winner get love worldwide
Now hold that, yo Havoc, let the beat ride
(Lil' Kim)
And since Frank White taught me how to play the game
La Bella Mafia, nigga I play to reign
They pump my album in the street like they pump the 'caine
I’m like bleach
Lil' Kim leave a permanent stain
I’m feared in my country like Saddam Hussein
I might give a little head to
(Hold it, hold it now)
All we ask is y’all show respect
'Cause we don’t want talk, big homey
Just cut the check
Now I’m sittin' outside in my six-point-six
Just signed a lil' deal bout six-point-six
Used to transport bricks and make six-point-six
If you look in my garage I got six joints
Go Kim! Go Kim! (hold it now)
Go Kim! Go Kim! (hold it, hold it now)
Go Kim! Go Kim! (hold it now)