Перевод песни Black Rob – Watch Your Movements

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Your man Black on the rise
Address the lies as those who plan my demise
Through the white man’s eyes, I came through with guys
The same guys who gave the whole hood pies, this was back in '95
How the lame dudes lie
Talking about how I changed my strive, when I was locked inside Brothers
Understand they only getting three tries, then the heat gon' fly
Now it’s me, you and I
Top of the world, but it’s still do or die, can’t wait for you to fry
As I scream «bye, bye»
I notified, personified, who am I? The occasional fly?
Mr. Fourth of July
Sometimes Mr. Shoe, Shirt and Tie
Get the loot, hit’em high, big sevens slurve by
And people like it’s the nerve of I
Nothin' worse than I
I came home from doin' time, it’s do or die, ain’t losing
I’ve been roaming through and wide ??? just cruising
Thinkin' 'bout these goons alive, but the truth is I ain’t losin'
Ain’t no time for you and I, so you better watch your movements
Mr. Unorthodox
Plus we got the weed on lock, couple C’s gon' pop
? in the drop
We comin' through with some brand new drop
Dope phat, don’t stop
This is serious knock
The workshop is so hot, honeys rockin' their pants
No tops, and we hit the whole flock
Next year, anticipate it like Pac
Y’all the laughing stock, with the strength of an ox
I locked down a couple blocks up top, and let my young gunners rock
Makin' sure your head bop
The same cat that took your watch, the same cat that went to war with Ed Cox
This is just another notch
Family, the bars rep for those who drink bourbon instead of scotch
Man, just give me my props
I’ma invest in the stocks
Plus turn back the hands of the clock
I got locked for moving crops all day
Circle blocks in a different drop all day
The fat not made them watch all day
And they still couldn’t deal with me
And now I’m home, it’s still hot all day
On the block where they toting Glocks all day
As long as the shots don’t rock my way
Then they won’t have to deal with me
Since the day of my birth
I was comin' up the worst, snatch the purse
Put my hand up her skirt, put the body in the earth
Then I thought what’s it worth
Now forever, I’m cursed, I’m cursed
Bowin' down in the church
Tryna' pray to stay away from the hearse
And away from the nurse, make my rap thing burst
Man, this is for the fans, fans who slam dance like Fred Durst
Understand it’s my turf
So put your boys in reverse, before I have to call? to do work
Sittin' high on your perch
See, I came from the dirt
No name in the game, I’m the hurt
This is just another perk
It’s for those puttin' out that street shit, come through with that jerk
Certain words I blurt
Fam, you can get a price on your head
Then some holes in your shirt