Перевод песни Black Rob – They Heard I Got Life

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Didn’t I tell you what I’m gonna do?
Here’s where I’ma tell you what I’m gonna do
Lights and cameras… I hear that… We love it… Bad Boy bitch fire
I’m wild known in Miami
Puff and Nelly told me
You ain’t gotta kill nothing to win no grammy
I keep a thing handy
In case a coward mistake me and think BR’s a piece of candy
I used to play the block, moving butter
For that Calcutta, your pockets is Chris Rock
I make em stutter
Ice is pinky
Eyes is chinky
Ho’s is kinky
Layin on that full length minky
The jail stank all on my name
It’s a fucking shame
So I had to reassess my game and the whole aim
'Yo Black relax fam, show some reserve
You ain’t a herb
Just a kid with gust and a lot of nerve'
I used to run up in backa you
Put the gat to you
Make you get on your knees and run your capital
I had the same dope ways of gettin paid
It was either that
Or risk my houses gettin raided
Ya’ll about to witness the power of street knowledge
Fuck Long
Got my PHD from a street college
The rap game’s real
So it’s best you play behind the scenes
Like the?? mouse on the fifth wheel
But I can’t do it
So what’s the D-dot-E-Q it?
Fans rush me, it’s all love ??
So when your dealing with dirt?
Play dirty
What I’ma do is come through in the blue 830
Fuck a quarter to eight
I’m on the corner of 8th
Boxin shorty with a quarter and eighth
Gotta make sure my daughter’s straight
She got cake for school
And the bank accounts in good shape
Any dudes trying to get this cream?
Fam, one to the stomach
Bend em over like 6:15
Should have had my dog bite him sooner
Soon as I heard the rumor
He was trying to be Scarface junior
The confrontation short and sweet
Up north is weak
I bought the heat the whole court in the street
There the nigga go
Sipping Clicquot frontin
I’m low in the back
Hugged up with Miss Puerto Rico or somethin
??? been to Brazil with Lebanese
When he say don’t move bitch you better freeze
Keep thinking your cute
We gonna turn this shit to Beirut
D? Holla at Absolute
Anytime its time to get dope call
Specially if it ain’t nothin between me and duke
But sheetrock walls
If a nigga don’t like me
He can lick my balls
I’m world famous for setting off ballroom brawls
I’m out west like 'Fuck the past'
You out west walking around with security up the ass
It ain’t fair niggas
They call me Black Night Shamalyan:
Come through the village and I’ma scare niggas
You must don’t love life
You fucking a thug’s wife
Small timer, still living A Bug’s Life
I’m doing 80 north I’m on the turnpike
Here light this up and tell us what that burn like
I don’t believe y’all, fuck around and leave y’all
Duke a lame, why the fuck you let him breath for?
It won’t stop until your teams ???
This the info, I gotta come and knock y’all senseless
Aaanybody over 25 fronted
At the end I drunk the milk like the Indy 500
It’s Black-O the mack-O
Ma, you comin?
You see me
I ain’t frontin and my ice is stunnin
'05, yo it must be the season for duck huntin
When I leave here tonight B I’ma fuck somethin
It’s mandatory that I get in some ass
And shine on these faggots like I did in the past
You sleep? Then I’m hittin the stash
Fam, I’m at war
That’s why I watch reruns of M.A.S.H
Dudes scheme to hit up my physical
And each one said its just hate
Mufuckas is miserable
So when you come attack my brothers
Watch out: that heat
Make niggas dance like Scatman Caruthers
Ya’ll punks paid the ultimate price, I’m not nice
My fourth felony, Ya’ll heard that I got life
Life… Life…Life…Life…Life