Перевод песни Twista – Check That Hoe

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This time, I'mma show you how to «Check That Ho»
Check it out
Take a look at the way that I came
Hard times, long road, mean streets
Motherfuckers back up off me when they look at the way that I aim
Put the bullet in your brain when I ride nigga
Got it out when you interfere or fuck with the boss
If you disrespectin me I'm reposessin
Like you catchin the holy ghost make him die like he touchin the cross
Now you spiritually commited suicide nigga
I got the power to get diamonds and riches and gold
Motherfuckers tried to get it with extortion
But I'm too vicious for blows and I'm checkin these bitches and hoes
Make a shower full of hollow point bullets rain on For yo' death you got me lookin in my itinerary
If I ain't got you scheduled to be dead where the men are buried
I think I can fit you another cemetary
Like a disciple of death I'm bringin pain on 'em
I can see nobody playin me like I'm a punk
I'mma let you know off top if you come at me bogus
And there's more than one of y'all if I gotta strap I'mma dump
You done made me a murderer from the Westside
Haters come at smilin but really they wanna fuck up a nigga hustle
So I just get bubble smokin bubble when I try to just stay out of trouble
But some shit you can't let slide — you gotta check that ho If a nigga come at you like a lame or big slander your name
Nigga you better go check that ho, you better go check that ho Fuck that ho — if a nigga come at you in the club
Talkin 'bout a bitch that you supposed to fuck
Nigga you better go check that ho, you better go check that ho Fuck that ho — you and somebody put in half and half
And he come back at you with twenty-five percent; then
You better go check that ho, you better go check that ho Fuck that ho — if you get played for a bird and some herb
All you got is your balls and your word
Nigga you better go check that ho, you better go check that ho Fuck that ho I just wanted 'em to see what my CD was like
Hip-Hop is in a state as if it was a baby bein' murdered
I just wanna feed it poetry pedialyte
I'm a black revolutionary in hip-hop
I just wanna hit the earth like a meteorite
Now droppin lyrical bombs upon the planet
And just get a little dust and avoid all the media hype
Fuck the drama I'm just campaignin Chi right
Niggas feel like they position is better than mine
But I stay on a mission, I'm on the grind
Takin no prisoners I can see 'em gettin mo' cheddar than mine
How I flow make the dough get larger
Take over with an immaculate verbal assault
Just to do it the way I'm doin it, rollin how I'm rollin
Motherfuckers is gon' have to just go in the vault
Shit on niggas in the oh-six Charger
When it come to titles you know that I'm holdin 'em
I've been down since the days of breakin on linoleum
'til Kanye preach and «Jesus Walks» right up at the podium
Now let me speak about the prophecy of Twista
Just when you thought you was worse, I'm bringin you a hearse
I make you feel the heat and cold when I'm tellin the street scroll
I got you feelin the universe through the verse
The way I'm teachin it has got to be a scripture
So look at me like I'm a prophet on top of the game
Puttin money in my pocket for the way a nigga rock it And I bet if I'mma cock it I'm poppin the thang
And if I ain't strapped then I gotta whoop ass
So I take off my pinky ice; if a nigga come at me with some bullshit
Or fuck me out of money I steal on him like Winky Wright
Hit you with the left hook fast — you better check that ho