Перевод песни Twista – When I Get You Home (A.I.O.U.)

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When I get you home
When I get you home (home)
I’m gonna… HIT IT!
You keep on talking all that shit
Up on your two-way and your phone
Girl, but when I get you home (hit it, hit it)
You and I alone (hit it, hit it)
In the house it’s (A, A), the bed it’s (I, I)
Bathroom it’s (O, O), in the kitchen it’s (U, U)
When I get home
You and I alone… Hey!
Now come and tell me where you get that from
Now Twista be out here messin' with all the ladies
Ask me what I wanna hit that for
Cause you sexy and I’m a baller baby
Ask me why I got a nasty mouth
You the one that’s steady trippin' with the sassy mouth
But when I get you up in the apartment that’s when we get to sparkin'
And that’s when we let the passion out
Like the way you walk in slow in the room and smelling sweet as a rose
An looking good in that red thong
Lookin' thick as hell do it to me well
Got me sprung and I know I got your head gone
Even slow or faster girl
When I’m gone how you trip is a disaster girl
When I’m steppin' to the tunes of Neptunes you wanna bring drama
And that’s when I gotta ask you girl, why?
When you was 'sleep last night
After rubbing you down and making passionate love
I put on a pair of Air Force Ones
6 figures of jewellery and met my guys at the club
Pulled up out front, yeah we had to stunt
Homey was sittin' on 26s
We about to do the dummy finna blow a little money
Steady gettin' scummy with these bitches
That’s about when you started to call
Then my whole mutherfuckin' high started to fall
Cause you started trippin' on me when you was in the crib 'sleep
But you don’t even need to get started at all
You know I’m in the VIP lookin' at all this ass
And I finna leave I finna cut you as soon as I’m out
But you steady yada yada with the motherfuckin drama
Girl shut up what the fuck is you talkin' about?
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Girl don’t you worry about me fallin' asleep, girl it’s early
I kiss you up from your head to feet, don’t you worry
My appetite is nothin' sweet, and nothin' could curb me
I grab you like we don’t have all night, even though it’s early
Trippin' on me when I go to the mall
Trippin' on me when I go to club
Trippin' on me when I kick it with my boys
You be trippin' on me when I’m on the tour bus
You don’t trip when I get you gone
You don’t trip when I get you chrome
You be trippin' when I’m away from you
But I bet you don’t trip when I get you home
A-A, I-I, O-O, U-U