Перевод песни Fat Joe – So Hot

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Sexy girl
(hey) You know that I (hey) like you
I like you baby
Sexy girl
(hey) you know that I (hey) will do anything under the
Sun for you
If you let me
I can get you hot hot hot
If you let me
I can get you hot hot hot
If you let me
I can get you hot hot hot
If you let me
I can get you hot hot hot
If u let me
Ladies, gentlemen, gangstas and killers
I’d like to welcome y’all to this Terror Squad thriller
Staring me Joe Crack the realest
And ma you can get a seat, forget what ya friends have seen
They tell you please he’s a celebrity
He ain’t tryin' to start something
He is into menage crushin'
But she ain’t tryin' hear nothin' fears nothin'
But her impulse is scared money don’t make nothing
Plus she love the way the cashmere touch 'em
How the lights bounce off the ice
This dude here is frontin
But you love it though
Everybody in here know
A million niggas tried to holla
A million niggas wasn’t Joe
I see you across the club the way you move ya body slow motion wit me
Dip it low and put ya body in the roles with me
Forget ya problems and sit back and roll through the tolls with me
Now listen to the R flow with me
Now we don’t need no room keys because we up off in my jeep
Doing things to make us hot
To recline on these soft leather seats
Girl you got my emotions up
N now we beat it up
Touchin and feelin on each other
Now I’m like wats sup
Now break the doors
Lets roll lets roll come on
Lets hit the club lets roll lets roll come on
We got the cute chicks, party chicks, stripper chicks
We got the money chicks, good chicks, hot chicks
We got the V.I.P. poppin bottle model chicks
We go the ride or die down for what ever chicks
We gonna do it up in here till around six
N we gonna be puffin on that L till around six
N yes I fuck with this colabo cause it’s magic
Kells, Terror Squad, Joe still thuggin
I love the way you dancing out those clothes mama
Come and roll with me on 24's mama
Get you to the spot and it’s what ever mama
Now lets drop the top
Cause we about to make it hot hot so hot hot so hot hot
So hot hot
We about to make it hot hot hot hot hot
Keep it goin now come on
Keep it goin now come on
We bout to make it hot hot hot hot
We abot to make it hot hot hot
Piper Joe