Перевод песни Trick Daddy – Menage a Trois

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I got me a girl, my little pearl. Cause when I met her she changed my whole
But what I’ve seen out there, it ain’t fair, all those beautiful honeys with
long luscious hair.
I just wanna call’m, be ball’n, Show em' the shit that I’m haul’n
Bring home the bitches, take off their britches, fuck them and my girl like mad
wicked witches!
Show em' a good time, break out the wine, cause fuck’n two girls would be so
It’s not a phenomenon! Two girls is all I want! In a menage a trois!
Fucking like «Ooh La La!»
Lay em' on the bed, at the foot and the head, I want to fuck em' hard til their
faces turn red
Give me some, let em' cum, nice and slow like ooh yum yum!
I’ll lick some clit, and suck some tits, while one of ya’ll deep throats my
I hope you want, my dick in your cunt, cause I’m gonna hit that with my funk.