Перевод песни P.O.D. – Freedom Fighters

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Today I heard what dem a people say
Dem want to live free, greedy and don't care who pays
You play under the sun, while others fight in the skies of gray
I say if you don't like it this way, then why stay, go away
Freedom fighters
Ignite Jah
Freedom fighters
Shine Jah
Live free, be free, die free
Today I heard what dem a people say
Dem say the man came in and took our choise away
You portray selfishness and hate, while some prepare to die today
I say you'll fade away, appreciate life, and liberate
We have the right to live in peace
You must fight for what you keep
If what you keep holds truth inside
Stand up, defend, or lay down and die