Перевод песни P.O.D. – Wildfire

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Come and give me that wildfire
The uncivilized sound that i love
The primitive ragga blaze style
Consicousness vibes I and I know
The ultimate flame that i desire
Me want uncultivated Jah glow
Foolish intensity, versatile
Fly the spirt high, take me higher
One leads with the passion
The righteous will burn again
One bleeds everlasting
Tribal fire will never end
I want to feel the wildfire
Irregular burning of the sun
Shining through make you spit fire
Savage combustion, let it go Impetuous fervor testifier
Outlandish passions I know
Crucial rhythems no denial
Musical nation, empire