Перевод песни Cherie – Betcha Neva

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Don’t tell me that you don’t like,
Anything about me
I’ve seen in your eyes that look,
You think that I don’t notice
Don’t hide what you feel inside
Maybe I can feel the same
What to do it’s up to you
So maybe you should try again
Or maybe you’ll just fade away yeah
Betcha neva betcha neva
Betcha neva thought we’d get this far
Betcha neva never ever
Betcha neva thought you’d touch my heart
Betcha neva betcha neva
Betcha neva thought that I’d surrender
Betcha neva thought that you would ever get with me I Betcha neva thought of that
Don’t you be afraid to try,
'Cos you don’t even know me Why can’t you read between the lines,
You know how it should be Don’t hide what you feel inside,
Maybe I could feel the same