Перевод песни Twista – Like a 24

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Spin it like some stop and go
Drop it (drop it) to the floor
Spin it like some stop and go
Roll like a 24
Lemme see you make dat ass roll like a 24
Now I could tell from back in the days when we was shawtys in the hood
Dat you was gone grow up to be thick as hell and lookin good
Now you 21 and them thighs ain’t no crunk
Lookin fine as hell like a penny junk up in the trunk
Make a nigga get (get) what you want
Put dat ass on dubs
Feel it when you get the party crunk
Feel it when you twirk it in the club
Feel it when you get down on the floor
Love when you get down on the low
Feel I wanna jack dat ass wanna bump and get that ho get the ho
Baby I jus got some 24's and I love to watch em spin (spin)
So let me see you make dat ass roll like my rims
Spinnin like omega jones
Pop dat booty fo my squad
Work dat booty tho it hard roll it like a Lowenhart
You already know hoes down pimps up
When pimpin step up in the house put ya bitch up
I got a remi bottle instead of a pimp cup
It shine like a summer day when my wrist up
She wanna wave now cuz my nigga Twista
Dissed her then bounced wit her sista
I tell her keep her head down and her hips up
You can keep dat pussy I’mma tear dem pretty lips up
Let dat ass roll like 24's on a big truck
And ya g-string let it bounce when da beat bang
Make it drop like dem cars in a g-thang
Pull up ya skirt and work it like da hook keep sangin
Come on shorty make dat ass pop
Drop it like a rag top
Shake it likes its bongo
Stir it up like credit rock
I got a pocket full of tens and dubs
I’m up in the club drunk as fuck stuck
Lookin for love
They lookin for dust
And I got dem in gods we trust
A lil game a lil fame
I’ll have em pilin in the church bus
Puffin da juan dro straight up to the condo
Open the bus doors head up to the 12th floor
Its bout to crack now layin on my back now
She shook one cheek at a time den dropped it back down
I’m goin through a game
I never knew they name
All I know is when she got low a nigga lost it man
You got my thang on swole back dat ass up
Girl you got my thang on swole now make dat ass drop
You got my thang on swole make dat ass bounce
Girl you got my thang on swole now make dat ass prompt
Break somethin shake somethin work somethin twirk somethin
Break it shake it work it twirk it
Shawty lemme see you make the left side move (side move)
Now let me see you make the right side move (side move)
Now let me see you make both sides move (sides move)
Now baby bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce