Перевод песни Twista & The Speedknot Mobstaz – Intro

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Man I’m feeling to go kill every motherfucker in here
No no, you can’t kill every motherfucker in here
Man I want that paper yo
Kick that mother fucking door in
Let me up in this bitch
Man kick the motherfucker in right man
Let me up in this bitch
Eh! Everyone in this motherfucker freeze
Everybody in this motherfucker get up
Get your old ass off that stool
Nigga come come, come here
Where that motherfucking fedi at?
Matter fact where that dude at?
He know where that shit at
His old ass know where that shit at
Man tear this motherfucker up we gotta find this
Someone shut that bitch at
Shut the fuck up bitch
Man I said shut her up not pop the ho
Man fuck that I wanna find that
Man let’s hurry up and get the
Man find that shit!
Man lets hurry and get the fuck out of here