Перевод песни Alannah Myles – Mother Nature

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Life leads the thoughtful woman
On a path of many findings
Finding her own companion
From a cast of many thousands
Well for you my love, my melancholy love
Whoa… You pour like rain, pour like rain, Ooooh
Verse II:
Winged thoughts echo freely
In words as strong as diamonds
I may not be your lover
But I’m a shoulder you can cry on
Can’t you take a walk with me
Down into the sea, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon
Mother Nature, c’mon Mother Nature
Taste as sweet as wine, sweet as wine
Like Tahitian orchids baby
Mother Nature’s fine, Ha!
Woooh, yeah, yeah, yeah
Mother Nature tastes so fine
When two people love each other
Ain’t no stoppin' Mother nature
'Cause she tastes so fine
Like Mama’s wine
Oh, Mother Nature baby
C’mon Tahitian orchids sweetly
Makin' love so fine
Mother Nature, Mother Nature
Mother Nature tastes so fine
Ow, for you my love, my melancholy love
Whoa… Pours like Mother Nature, yeah, yeah
Aw c’mon Mother Nature baby
Oh baby, tastes so fine
I’m gonna drink up all my wine
Ooooh baby Mother Nature tastes so fine… Yeah
Whoa for you my love, my melancholy love
Whoa… pours like Mother nature, yeah, yeah
Makin' love so fine
Like Mama’s wine