Перевод песни Alannah Myles – Dark Side of Me

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I catch a chill when I look into your eyes
Something too familiar, I seem to recognize
Like lookin' in the mirror baby
and I’m scared of what I see
Lookin' at you baby, is the dark side of me Comin' from the same place, two of a kind
Brought up on the wrong side of a one track mind
Whenever we’re together baby,
We’re as bad as we can be Lookin' at you baby, is the dark side of me Bridge:
There’s two sides to every story
For every shame there’s a glory
And I’ve tried to keep a balance
Between the dark and the light
But something don’t add up When I’m with you, how can two wrongs feel so right
Feel so right
Verse III:
Well it’s a one way conversation between you and I You ask all the right questions and need no reply
On all the wrong answers baby, we always tend to agree
Lookin' at you baby, is the dark side of me Lookin' at you baby, is the dark side of me