Перевод песни Daniel Johnston – Rock 'n' Roll / EGA

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There was a day when I was so lonely
Time passed me by
I was more dead than alive
Every minute was like an hour
Every day was an eternity
I looked for hope but all around me
People didn’t seem to care
But oh, that rock’n’roll
It saved my soul
That rock’n’roll
If I ever thought that I could be happy
Dreams like that always faded away
And all the girls already had boyfriends
I was alone as lonely could be
I laid asleep and turned on the radio
The music to me was like a dream
But oh, that rock’n’roll
It saved my soul
That rock’n’roll
You walk around but you gotta have a reason
Something worth getting up in the morning for
My heart looked to art and I found the Beatles
Oh God, I was and am a true disciple
Look for the fun you’ll start a happy cycle
The music will make you come alive
But oh that rock’n’roll
It saved my soul
That rock’n’roll
She was crying just like a baby
Don’t wanna fight or more like maybe
You ought to get on home at night
Keep the battle to the right
Seeing the love and adultery
And wonderin' who was in the outfield
Swear I know the truth
And I ain’t wearin' nobody’s shoes
I got some dollar on high look out
It’s shining, with a bottle of knuckleheads
She’s like a drunken rat cat, oh
I guess you’re coming out the backdoor
She did all right it’s all battle or fight
So I feel all empty now
You try to hold a figure eight
She said what’s the Antichrist
He said oh what did you do to her
It’s probably she’s been talking to Lucifer
Is that really the night
Oh, my, uh, uh
All right