Перевод песни Moxy Fruvous – Darlington Darling

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Down the line, comin' down the line a V6 Merc in blue
Without the sparks or distributer caps, I’ll slap them on as it rides through
8 to 4 on the assembly floor watchin' V6 Mercs slide through
I can drive and she can drive, but this car’s made for you
CHORUS: I’d like to buy her one
(where ya gonna get the money son)
I’d like to buy her two
(but you’ll never find the right bijou)
I’d like to buy her three
(but you’re working in a factory
And I’d like to buy her more
Than this blue collar can afford
Down the line, Chipper down the line’s got a cottage up on Scugogg
Last Christmas bash he spent all his cash plyin' Mr. Bewdley with eggnog
He got the raise and from what he says he’ll have that love nest paid off soon
I got the keys, but my girlfriend, she’s not getting off till Sunday noon
In Darlington lies my darling one — she fills my thoughts each day
Half a mile from the cooling towers, I sure hope that she’s okay