Перевод песни Kwamé – The Mic Is Mine

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Break out the champagne ‘cause I’m a champion
Give a toast, I pulls a canción
The way I pull a crowd like a tornado
Roll ‘em up and press ‘em down and shape ‘em lie Play-Doh
Rap to me is easy, like saying WXYZ
Come in the party displaying the stuff, you next I see
A crowd gathered, you tip and I suppose
So I feel it’s my duty, show you how this rhyme goes
Boom like a time bomb, my beats are mega-blast
The smoke clears, I feel your angle as
You move a crowd, brother, I move an audience
Those that choose to listen to me, not on the forces
It’s as this E-F-F-E-C-T
Which means we that def, see me free-
Style, meanwhile, back at the Ponderosa
I want a close-up on how I’m supposed to
School this crowd, let ‘em see for themselves
‘Cause I could rule this crowd—but let me guess
What else do I have to do to the kids that try to put harm on me?
I’d like to teach ‘em all to sing in perfect harmony
And as I leggo my Eggo and I’ll then come with a rhyme
I’ll say «Brothers, it’s Miller Time»
The mic is mine
Orally, I give a picture to paint
And my mic’s like a brush, in a hush, know they
Qualify to stand by stage, grab the mic and a hold pose
I’m knockin' out sucker kids by the rows
I take so many foes into so many fits
I turn the hardest MC into hominy grits
I’m like tic-tac-toe, I flow to and fro
I could float on a note like a UFO
I prophesize and I’m wise to the deaf, blind and dumb
You was a tough cookie, to me, you a crumb
It’s Kwamé in effect, boy, you get in order
I turn any penny into a Latin Quarter
Let me on the mic and make the party dance
I take no shorts because I’m a smarty-pants
And, I gave a chance to advance
You wanted a look but all I gave is a glance
The mic is mine
Smooth as a phantom on a gigolo note
Inconspicuously seen with my dope trench coat
I move my eyes like a snake as I plan the attack
I just play the wall, examine the fact that
Their tapes were showy, but to me, they’re just a stick-up
So I oppose to bet, I pray to God I keep my lip up
Keep orally as I imagine and stare
Before my circle, though, I think that I’m in Madison Square
Going straight to the pimp, don’t you even attempt
To present an argument, you get a permanent lift
Brother, don’t grilled, I’m here to kill and fill
Break up, kidnap, beat down the crews and syllables
Come on, boy, don’t you fess on the best
I rap so strong, I got a ‘S' on my chest
Take away the mic stand, and, give me the podium
Like Farrakhan, I carry on a message, show some
Interest, don’t you stand there like a moron
My beat’s an appetizer, my rhyme they use to pour on
Extra spicy, people’ll dip for once
Now if you wants to take a chance, get up and dance
The mic is mine