Перевод песни Kwamé – The Rhythm

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Ladies and gentlemen
The Kit-Kat Club is proud to present
Something new, something different
So would you please give a warm welcome to The Rhythm
Well I came here for something funky to happen
Is this Christmas cuz everybody's rappin
You better get sparked by the song that I sing
Although my name ain't Martin Luther
But I'm considered the king
Yo, my beats pumped by the mic I clamp
I don't need an amplifier
My brain is the amp
I got the beats to make you tingle
Make your body mingle
Like you got the fever for the flavor of a Pringle
Weak I say not so
I'm just like Picasso
A pioneer
I am here
Ask me how I got so fly
Any sense that I can give 'em
A New Beginning Stevie-o
And my dope rythm
I sent the Lord master give a mental harm
My sole chief belief is that Islam
My beats pumped
So let it grab ya I got a trick but my name ain't Ali-Baba
So open Sesame
Neva' heard the best of me Betcha all the people intheplaceiswacknowlet'ssee
It's a New Beginning, my name Kwame
And if you didn't know I could tell you that I'm a Mellow cool brotha
Slicker than oil
Rap get so hot it makes the spit boil
The Rhythm
Not the average rapper
The K is more
Rhymes like the thunderbolts of the mighty Thor
Be goin' wit' yourself
Cuz I can conquer boy
I break MCs
Like a Tonka toy
Smooth, suave, savoir faire, debonair
Come in the party yeah I see you stop and stare
To hear the man to only have yo hand shook
You dress GQ to me you got The Jordache Look
Cuz I'm the mystical
Rap is polyphystical
Ask about Kwame
Hey say he is a cool fella
He's always mellow
He's neva high-stung spark
When the mic is near him
It cleva I run smooth like Moet
Recite just like a poet
Ain't my slam oh yeah I know it Cuz when I'm on the mic while boys say oh golly
Slick on my tip like the hip on Polygrip
I go cameo be on the Grammy show
I be sleek as a sheik I'll freak any ho In the panty hose pumping clothes
Yo my rhymes slam well I suppose cuz
I'm might meander Hmm... throw a shenanigan
To write a fresh rhyme you know I can again
Cuz I destroy bust 'em like a hemorrhoid
Strong like a steroid avoid the Noid
The Rhythm
The black can take a rap the M A X And as I step in the party that's when they ask
For me to get on strong no fear like a gladiator
Turn on steam up MCs like a radiator
Play 'em all out executioner style
Speak my peace just release refusing to smile
This is serious though I rap a little humor
But still MCs I hear assume I could neva
Bust a fat rap twice
And at that price
On any mic you gave me I got nice
I push a pull up a sit up get up I'm fed up Shut ya lip up and let's go head up Poisonous as venom no mistakes in 'em
Gucci on silk you got Vasco in denim
No my name ain't Taco, Emilio or Paco
But Kwame boy and I got yo Chick on the side cuz she sweatin' my tip
Gave a peck on the neck just to wetten my lip
I don't drop my pants for no Raggedy Anns
Just to pass up a chance on a kids romance
I should have blown this mic
Like I said I might
Got the force of 20 men like a Jedi knight
It's kinda hard for me not to do it slow
So I gotta go The Rhythm