Перевод песни Kwamé – Push the Panic Button!!!

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Yo, tell ‘em how it really goes
Yo, break out the paraphernalia, posse up
Rally up the troops, can’t let ‘em regroup
The master plan to overthrow the empire is effective immediately
This is Curt D.I.S.S., inviting you to the elements
My brothers, it’s time to raise hell again
Push the panic button
Yo, I couldn’t have said it no better
I like to flow, that’s what I do with the tempo
The end to the intro, the Kwam begins so
Smooth, so push the panic button
Act like a frantic nut in a nuthouse
Putting dance steps together, moving helter skelter
Run and find shelter, mmm, I felt a
Sudden rush, when my beat began
And God forbid if I had no pen
Because without a pen, I’d be without a sen-
Sational verse, to turn it out again
So go and find cover, hurry, vision’s blurry
Come fury, blinded by the worry
Of a phantom about to strike but you don’t know when
It could be any time, to hell with slowing your pace
You jet, you know that we huntin'
Push the panic button
(«Everybody over there») *scratched*
Push the panic button, yo, they panickin'
Stiff, a still-like pose, make like a mannequin
A store display, displaying rhymes you wrote
At times you spoke too harsh and you broke
Got wind to your friend, come again, try battling
Like a champion, I’ll stomp you in the ground, you can’t be in the round
G-Force, give ‘em hysteria
His story is, he ain’t a worrier
Awesome, collection of power, perfection, a tower
A section of cowards—now what?
I’m going you’re your jugular vein, you struggle in vain
Your bloody body remain
So let me expose that most in close
Could never write the rhymes they say
With those accusations, I’m proving black, you face and moving audience
With your freestyle, you’re in jeopardy
Jet or be slapped with a penalty—come try to handle me
Man, look—I'm the type of brother that don’t get whipped
By a pussy or punk who say ‘spunk' expecting to jump
In a ring, and label me chump? Think twice
I you’re your mic hepatitis, step the slightest, step aside this
Lips get arthritis, brother, you might as well
(«Everybody over there») Push the panic button
(«Everybody over there») *scratched*
Brain waves’ll spark my words that excite the mind
Re-write the words that fit then I write the rhyme
Make sure it’s properly fitted, not sloppily spitted
Out on the mic, it’s got to be knitted
In patterns that please the eardrum
The pressure is on to maintain the status and progress
Unless it gets done, a worry, scurry, hurry, scuffle
I don’t succeed, I’m lost in the shuffle
So let me use grab the mic and use the cord as a lasso
To snag, bound, tie unwitty assholes
Executioner, exit, ‘cause you shouldn’t have flexed them words at me
Now who’s gonna be your back when we attack?
You flee in pack, so then we subtract
Another sucker MC from the top of the list
I mop you with this, full of terror, gots to insist
You better stop while you have a chance, I’m gonna avalanche
You’ll call the ambulance, ‘cause I’ma hanve his hands
So he don’t write no more, so bite the floor
And scream «bloody murder,» tonight, I’m your
Worst horror, scope tomorrow
Hope I don’t come again, don’t even borrow
Dope lyrics from another brother, I hope you’re
Aware to the fact a lot of kids are dope, the Kwam is doper
Push the panic button
(«Everybody over there») *scratched*
(«Keep on…»)