Перевод песни Manhattan Transfer – (You Should) Meet Benny Bailey

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To cure an ennui, you need a bon nuit
It’s part of the joie de vivre
And his attention, I’m loathe to mention
Is, incidentally, available
And so if providence should decree (once you’ve met)
Who will stand in the way (you won’t forget)
So you’ll meet Benny Bailey (no stuff)
And you’ll remember your lucky day (benny's tough)
This could be your lucky day
Incidentally he’s the sort though seen at court (meet this cat)
Carries an awful lot of weight (he's where it’s at)
In many less royal quarters (that's right)
Filled with less than regal daughters (babada bada ba ba)
Quite the quixotic romeo whom every (bop bop badah dadap bop)
Filly’ll know because they find his (he's no slouch)
Reputation wherever they go (and for this I’ll vouch)
Whether it’s here
Or whether it’s in another boudoir (he's cool)
He’s such a scandal, really
T' handle him demands a savoir fairer
And a great indulgence rarer
Than any that I’ve encountered surveyin' the scene
But never mind, I’ll explain it later
The fact is that he’s always ready to please
And that’s aroused a lot o’chatter
But it really doesn’t matter, not to him (once you’ve met)
No siree! It’s 'bout as big t’him as any flea (you just won’t forget)
He’s gotta be maitre’d (no stuff)
Or so it seems to me
Wait’ll y’meet, you’ll see what I’m sayin'
To cure an ennui
You need a bon nuit
It’s part of the joie de vivre
He’s the kind o’cat people hear about
But in a second-handed way
That there’s nothing really clear about
Let me introduce you
I’ve heard that boredom’s entered your life (meet this cat)
And you’re feelin' real low (he's where it’s at)
Have you met Benny Bailey? (that's right)
Well he’s a fella that you should know (outta sight)
Benny Bailey
They tell me lassitude’s laid you low (he's no slouch)
An' you’re losin' your grip (for this I’ll vouch)
You must meet Benny Bailey (he's cool)
At least he’s somebody who is hip (he's no fool)
We’re glad you got to meet Benny Bailey
I’m happy fin’lly meeting with you