Перевод песни Punch Brothers – The Blind Leaving the Blind Mvt 3

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O woman I’m your servant
I don’t know anything but I’m ready to learn
O woman I’m starving for your approval
Be kind to me
The big city calls and your daughters are smiling
In the windows of apartment buildings
I bet I look about as small as I feel
Thank you jesus can I have another
And another
Thank you lord
But if it pleases thee to have them
Banging down the door
Couldst thou let 'em know what they’re in for
Ain’t good for you or me or them
O woman I’m your servant
Asking for the right to look you in the eye
O woman I’m dying for you to notice
How far I’ve come
I’m moving downtown and your
Daughters are walking by me
I believe they’re still deciding
If they like having me around
If they like having me around
I need to know why
Goodwill’s coming by to collect a box
I filled with things I hate about myself
Things I liked before I got here
Then it’ll pick her up and we’ll do
Anything she wants or anything they want
Or anything you want o woman I don’t care
Lord I’d be in your debt
If you’d help me forget
That heaven’s mine for trying
'Cause lord I don’t know why
You’d give me so much life
To live resigned to dying