Перевод песни Foxx – I'm On

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Ya pussy clean you don’t fuck a lotta niggas
Ya baby daddy gon but you take care of ya lil ones
Then you on girl I say you on girl you know you on girl so so on girl
Ya whip sick you got them thangs on that bitch
Ya fit sick look like ya spent about 6
Then you on dog I say you on dog you know you on dog so so on dog
I walk up in the mall churn holla (I'm on)
One year old barely holdin a bottle (I'm on)
Fresh fade need to be gettin legit (I'm on)
Real niggas gon throw up ya set (I'm on)
Tellin his mama if she look a mess (I'm on)
She walkin it out but you do it the best (I'm on)
I ask her is that pussy clean she ain’t gotta guess (I'm on)
You make lil mama put ya nama across her chest (I'm on)
Sittin on something with them 4s on it (I'm on)
You got that dope dick and all the hoes want it (I'm on)
You got ya own car and got ya own house (I'm on)
So when that nigga trip you put his ass out (I'm on)
You be cleaner than a bitch up in the club (I'm on)
Nigga come to see ya you be fresh up out the tub (I'm on)
You need some good dick you don’t really need love (I'm on)
Then what you need to do is put yo fucking hands up (I'm on)
You play that LRG you play that coogi (I'm on)
You got them new j’s that came out last tuesday (I'm on)
You got that savage life album and boosie (I'm on)
Oh you been on yo shit since you was just a juvie (I'm on)
You ain’t no drinker but you drink when you be clubbing (I'm on)
That amaretta that’s that shit that you be loving (I'm on)
You ain’t with ya baby daddy but you still fucking (I'm on)
He need a couple dollars you gon throw that mane something (I'm on)
You don’t play no games you a head bussa (I'm on)
Yo nigga need that favor you gon do it on a muscle (I'm on)
You be on them pills with that tropicana (I'm on)
That jigg shit was started in Louisiana (I'm on)
Trill ent then put that boot back on the map (I'm on)
I’m really gettin wiped down dog this ain’t rap (I'm on)
You be on that purple have ya eyes all jap (I'm on)
You like to get ya pussy ate before you get it tapped (I'm on)