Перевод песни Ogun – What You Know About Baltimore

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From the city where everybody talk with their hands
Forget the 9−5, most hustles revolve around grams
Live for the moment we ain’t working no plan
And the favorite saying is «It is what it is.»
I mean the kids sit back and try to emulate us
The cops had to regroup, yeah they ran out of cuffs
So now they string us up on some cowboy wildstyle
The saga continues, but meanwhile
Grandma she getting closer to death
Bible in hand, eyes closed clutching her chest
All the hate in the air make it harder to breathe
And all the cameras in the hood make it hard to believe
Little man riding that five and he die for his creed
Yeah they grew up so quick nobody clocking their speed
But it’s just us so just B-more
And if you ain’t feeling that yeah this song is for ya’ll
What you know about Baltimore
Things have changed since back in the days
Just like we all stubborn, we all stuck in our ways
Nobody care no more
Nobody got a heart nobody feel no more
They move the blacks to the county on some reconstruction
They say «Everywhere we go all we bring is destruction" — What?
Man this city was built on our backs
But we lost our history we know they hide all the facts
Remember when the Arabs would come through with the fruit
Saturday morning- everybody cleaning the stoop
Back when we stuck together and looked out for the youth
Now we over ourselves and ya’ll know it’s the truth
But if we keep this up we gonna die like this
And if you got kids they won’t survive like this
Look; it’s just us so just B-more
And if you ain’t feeling that yeah this song is for ya’ll
What you know about Baltimore
(People don’t realize what they about to do in this city
I got friends in the game man, these politicians
They tell me everything that’s going on in this city man
And I really feel that we’re not taking advantages of all the things about to
pop off
In the next 3 years- I’m starting to see it on TV now about slot machines and
stuff like that
It’s gonna be casinos man, these casinos need music, man; you understand what
I’m saying?
Why should they go out of town and hire a different act
When they got a mess load of people right here that can give them the raw
You know- I mean; they tearing down buildings everywhere downtown to build them
condos, man
They tearing down a lot of different things, like, you know-
And they putting up condos- these condos are gonna be filled with people
A different market of music and people that’s gonna be spending money
And trying to get to know our culture
You understand- our Baltimore culture- you understand what I’m saying?
Man; I’m not going nowhere
I’m staying here
A chick told me to- uh, the
I’m here to say that we are gonna make it
And I’m not leaving until my fingers bleed
You understand?)