Перевод песни Sharpshooters – Analyze

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I express visions so graphic that I travel telepathic
See the present from the future but the ways are systematic
Herbs jumping in my cypher trying to be best friends
Now they drowning in the river rocking cement Timbs
Raw thoughts, my mind is ill like mixed with plexus
Rewind and you can dislocate my retina and I'll still be seeing different
Devious is how my verbs react, with supreme laced tracks with baking soda and
A cognac, insomniac and everybody know the status create
Power maneuvers in the night without trespass
Nigga born in seven-eight evaluate
Before you meet the essence do the overdose in Heart failures that derail you from my path
Over courageous ass victim of my tongue lash
The bounty hunter live microphone inseminator
Fold the paper not to mention opponent eliminator
The vast majority is out to be chart-toppers
But I keep heart stoppers to have you whining like an opera
The scripts that I concoct to turn your bodily fluids nucleo-toxic
Freaking topics that'll reach more niggas than fiber optics
Nickel slick equipped to go the distance
Wettin MCs to leave them holier than Christians
A novelist protect the prophecies, properly
Organize my fam and plan to overrun monopolies
Contaminate your ear with realism in the schism
Claim you psychopathic yet you delicate as linen
I practice kinetic calisthenics but see the beat of vocal homicide
Catalyst, decipher my analysis
I bust styles upon the regular to differentiate the graphic
You catch static like a cellular in traffic
Restrain my intellectual, regardless I'm heartless
But my stamina be showing killers who's the sharpest
I stay in to keep you players on it Supersonics got your mouth closed up like Orthodontists
We just as hard as hieroglyphics
33rd and the Central, Stanford Drive and the Districts
If you missed it, that's capital
What happened to my peoples out in Lexington?
Blacks, Chinks and Puerto Rocks, but never see no Mexicans
That's just my geographic area
The war-torn exterior, got people catching bullets in their
I make moves for persistence, Maintain my self existence
Some resistance manifested whipping jeddice through the distance
I stare at clean sheets, trying to chronicle my destiny
Nobody gets the best of me, the rest of me Can't stunt my style, it's too elusive, abusive
is how my point of view's conclusive
I release
Painting pictures vividly of all my New York state adventures
My beliefs represented Islam through Christianity
The murderous pleads temporary insanity
My confidentiality is broken
I'm Chocking on smoke toke
Trying to keep my crew from overdosin'
But I'm frozen, yet every time I think
My medulla reacts and the starts to flinch uncontrollably
To all the chickenheads that be knowing me Lose my pager number 'til your dollar start controlling me I say lines that make you never want to rap again
Change your line of work and reconsider selling crack again
They say illegal means never justify the ends
Living all I got to show is nappy hands, scuffed Timbs
Lusting after rims, my wordplay severing limbs
Making all the foul ones sorry for their mortal sins
Continuous vocabulary, 'Coma taking over
So I can get a Rover, Gucci loafers and a leather sofa
Paranoid with the world on my shoulders
Cause I see niggas wylin' from Tacoma to Corona
My natural says the glass is half-empty
Not half-full, don't tempt me
I'll rip your style and laugh if you approach the life of plenty
Think the worst, contemplate the unpredictable
Don't think that I'm invincible, my alibi's convincible
Listen to my lyrics cause my bullets keep on missing you
When you flow sometimes you speaking hypothetically
I snatch up MC's and organize them alphabetically
Forever rock my nigga rule, intellectual
Unaffectional you want a course that's undirectional
I pump the lies until my eyes is three-dimensional
Manifests running through your whole crew
When I open your chest like Charles Jewel
And brush your cerebellum like a sherm for all parties concerned
My skills break rappers to lowest terms