Перевод песни Stephen Sondheim – Kiss Me

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He means to marry me Monday
What shall I do? I’d rather die
I have a plan —
I’ll swallow poison on Sunday
That’s what I’ll do, I’ll get some lye
I have a plan —
Oh, dear, was that a noise?
A plan—
I think I heard a noise
A plan!
It couldn’t be
He’s in court
He’s in court today
Still that was a noise
Wasn’t that a noise?
You must have heard that —
Kiss me
Oh, sir…
Ah, miss …
Oh, sir …
If he should marry me Monday
What shall I do? I’ll die of grief
We fly tonight —
'Tis Friday, virtually Sunday
What can we do with time so brief?
We fly tonight —
Behind the curtain — quick!
Tonight —
I think I heard a click!
It was a gate!
It’s the gate!
We don’t have a gate
Still there was a — Wait!
There’s another click!
You must have heard that —
It’s not a gate
There’s no gate
You don’t have a gate
If you’d only listen, miss, and
Kiss me!
Kiss me
You mean tonight?
The plan is made
Oh, sir!
So kiss me
I feel a fright
Be not afraid
Sir, I did
​love you even as I
​saw you, even as it
​did not matter that I
​did not know your name
Tonight I’ll
I’ll steal you
It’s me you’ll marry on Monday
That’s what you’ll do!
And gladly, sir
St. Dunstan’s, noon
I knew I’d be with you one day
Even not knowing who you were
I feared you’d never come
That you’d been called away
That you’d been killed
Had the plague
Were in debtor’s jail
Trampled by a horse
Gone to sea again
Arrested by the —
Ah, miss
Marry me, marry me, miss
Oh, marry me Monday!
Favor me, favor me
​with your hand
Marry me, marry me, please
Oh, marry me Monday —
Kiss me!
Of course
You’re sure?
Kiss me!
I shall!
Kiss me!
Oh, sir …