Перевод песни Stephin Merritt – The Ballad of the Snow Queen

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
In the center of the old town
Is the plaza where the young boys go
With their sledges in the slippery snow
We begin our little tale of woe
With the sledge all red and trusty
Of a plucky little boy called K
Who hooked onto any passing sleigh
Till one led him very far away
'Twas the Snow Queen, Iwis
Who had taken him hold
When she gave him a kiss
He no longer felt cold
She was tall and white with beauty
And she wrapped him in her bearskin coat
He discovered they could simply float
On the air as if upon a boat
They abandoned the sleigh
As they took to the wing
With her second kiss, K
Could remember nothing
And she said to him then
With her icicle breath
«If I kissed you again
I should kiss you to death»