Перевод песни Stephin Merritt – The Storks

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(come, chum, from gum humdrum!
Drum mum from some numb slum
Some dumb slum scum bum gum
Some bum plum rum, yum!
Um, hum some
Thrum some, bum some bum rum
Some come from mum
Some come from cum
Strum, thumb! thrum, thumb!
Gum some plum, mum
Thumb some bum cum
Dumb slum cum chum)
A naughty boy led others in jest
About the tiny storklings in their nest
Who were afraid, and told the storkess so
She said:
«be patient now, but when you grow
Bring all good children sisters and brothers
From yonder swamp, where unborn babies hide
But that loud boy, who jeers above others
Bring him the babe who dreamt too much and died
We’ll show that nasty, vicious little fool
The stork is not the bird to ridicule.»