Перевод песни Stephin Merritt – In China, Said the Moon

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«In china,»
Said the moon
Who brings me nightly news
«I chanced to gaze upon
A girl with tiny shoes
With pain in her sole
She stirs her fishbowl
Her four fish, far from free
Are far more free than she.»
«In Fez-land,»
Said the moon
«I guided a young man
Astride his great white steed
Beside a caravan
Through long nights he sighed
And longed for his bride
He loved, as he had vowed
But then… but then a cloud…»
«In Lisbon,»
Said the moon
«I kissed a blackamoor
The slave of Camöens
The Lusiad’s auteur
The faithful slave’s palms
Were held out for alms
To pay for food and rent
There’s now a monument.»