Перевод песни Stephin Merritt – Sounds Expensive

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I would like for you to have this emerald ring
It was crafted many years before the Ming
Since the story’s far too sad to tell
I’ll sing
It was made for the blind concubine Lola Li
Who was famous for being a little choosy
Her rejections were something no man could survive
So the ring-maker had himself buried alive
It’s a terrible tale
Full of passion and gore
That sure sounds expensive!
We can’t wait to hear more
In a few generations it came to a monk
Who said things of this world
Are all baubles and junk
So he gave it to Lola Lo
Some general’s wife
Which was quickly discovered
He paid with his life
It’s a tale of violence
A thing we deplore
But it sounds expensive!
What are you stopping for?
A bad playwright gave it to his new ingenue
The impossibly bad actress sweet Lola Lu
But the playwright said something
He shouldn’t have said
And now both the playwright and
The actress are dead
It’s a kind of thing
No one can make anymore!
And it sounds expensive when it
Falls to the floor