Перевод песни Stephin Merritt – The Story so Far

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The red man
Killed three hundred, discontinuing the Zhao clan
But left one
Called Zhao Shuo, the pride of Jin, offspring of Zhao Dun
And his royal wife
But then came a command
A forgery in the emperor’s hand
Which read, «Hi
Pick the dagger, rope, or sword, because you must die.»
So Zhao Shuo
Chose the dagger and, as ordered laid himself low
But the princess had a new bundle of joy
She choked herself to save the boy
A person
Secreted this child away, we’ll call him Someone
The red man
Sent his general Han Jue to guard the Zhao clan
This Han Jue turned out to be a guy you’d like
He spilled his guts to save the tyke
Then Someone
Took the little kid to Tai Ping to see Gongsun
And he thought
Of a way Someone and foundling wouldn’t be caught
And Gongsun would take the Someone son instead
And that red guy would have his head
The red man killed the baby, Someone’s son
The red man killed the baby
I am Someone. The red man is Tu An-Gu
The Orphan of the Zhao is you