Перевод песни My Hero Is Me – When Peter North Goes South

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One day this will all be yours
But until then you must earn your keep
This ride ain’t so moving
And neither are our moods
Breath the fumes each one tells a story
Just pull it over
I’m sure this is
One of many breakdowns tonight
With grace the hood
Is popped without hesitation
If you need me
I’m the man with the flashlight
We both know
You’re the brains of this outfit
and if a hooker passes by
She’ll be eaten alive
Your blistered smile
Follows us for many miles
Go ahead try to burn us down
We keep chugging through all towns, yeah
And we will stop only
To collect our thoughts
And regroup
Read each other’s eyes
And keep trucking on
The North is South
And it’s going down tonight
Nobody’s screaming
But we’ll make it out alright
My throat is dry
Our rums been spilled
And I’m sure as hell
Not looking back tonight