Перевод песни T Bone Burnett – The Rat Age

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I was conceived in a behavior station
Light years from civilization
I was born in oblivion
Half Balinese half Libyan
My father was a vector
My mother was a specter
As earthmen battle for their skins
I come down with the aliens
Is this not the rat age
The demented Photostat age
The time of no room
We’ve broken the genetic code
And left it bleeding by the road
Where murderers loom
You’ve changed your face you’ve changed your scent
You’ve even changed your fingerprint
Image is anything
But with all this electricity
You can’t change your publicity
The lies the many sing
Down in the greed plex
Under a spike of light
Stop at the slave port
Enter the death resort
No stimulation
Nothing but mono thought
Re simulation
Depop but don’t get caught
I dream to surf the rodeocean
Negotiate meaning with no emotion
If the kill is clean your still got time
To hone evil on the tooth of crime
I’m sober on the grapes of wrath
While running down the psycho path
Is this not a cruel world
Good morning little school girl
It’s the rat age