Перевод песни Brazilian Girls – Corner Store

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Around the corner a different world
Conversation overheard ohhhh
Between a man and a saxophone
Saxophone and mister drunk and stoned ohhh
He only knows one melody
You know which one I mean
I drop some change in his hat and leave.
Walk into the corner store
Through neon signs and revolving doors. ohooh
As if just to add to the atmosphere
The man behind the counter has a snow white beard
That goes all the way down to the floor
I like the music on the radio
You know which one I mean
And this is how it goes: Da da, da da, da da da
(Horns playing)
Outside on the public phone
There he is again.
Mister drunk and stoned
He’s got no money but a golden smile
Sidewalk torero wave me by ohhhh
I’m whistling his melody
You know which one I mean
Suddenly he stops playing
And looks at me
And the band goes Da da, da da, da da da
(Horns playing) Humming