Перевод песни Days Of Worth – Take Me Through

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Be quiet!
I can’t hear myself drink
Five days a week
Canned laughter drowns out what I think
And it’s hard to believe
That I’m here with no reprieve
And it’s not just me —
Down town it spreads like a disease
This is my personal communication breakdown
And all I’m trying to say is, where’s my reward?
And now I’m naked and strung out
And I have no doubt
That it’s you who’s dragged me down
Now you turn around
And you ask me how I am…
Well, I’m as well as can be expected
For someone who’s burning out
I want to be in the California sun
There’s something better there for me
So take me through
So be quiet…
I can’t hear myself think
I’m planning my escape
From this sterile showroom state