Перевод песни Days Of Worth – Narcolepsy

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Your western mechanism sucks me dry —
It’s just a fault in the human design
We’re not built to cope with the gravity of the situation
So we stumble and fall
It’s not our fault we’re badly designed
A small seizure; it suits you well
This infrared boy’s not coming up for air…
And it’s an ugly noise you’re making in that easy chair
Well, it’s been a narcoleptic year again
A black tar river, a high rise fire
They’re all just scenes from a situation comedy
It seems to me that we’re wasting our time
With the things we do to earn our validity
But there’s no miracle cure
For cool fever; it suits you well
I can’t breathe in this idiot-proof suit I’m in…
Feed me your air