Перевод песни Stan Getz – Insensatez

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No homo, I’m a man of honor
Bite your ass just like a piranha (I gets it in)
Many men don’t have a clue
But I know what the fuck to do (I gets it in)
O.G. D I know the game
Yours truly, Joe the Brain (I gets it in)
I’m not vain, just conveyin my name
Y’all lil' dudes stay in your lane (I gets it in)
Yes, I’m on the road to riches
On my way to the top, thought I told you bitches
Old heads always say you should fold your riches
Got a fetish for new kicks and older bitches
And I run around town with my man Ben Franklin
Got a lean like Pisa, but ain’t been drinkin
I’m just sittin here takin it in
And pardon, the way I walk I’m still breakin them in
I paint the town red and spend no cake to get in
You on line outside and gotta wait to get in
I don’t worry 'bout the bullshit, my team is strong
I set it off to settle out, my green is long
And besides half these dudes, act like girls
I straighten 'em out, when they snap back like curls
New ESV Cadillac white pearl
Candy painted, midnight black slice swirl, eyy~!
Yeah… okay, okay, you dudes don’t get it
Big D I bust you down if you dudes don’t quit it
You be in the studio all night and still don’t hit it
Spendin money at the bar fam and still don’t hit it
I feel like Charlie Brown, niggas pickin on me
Wanna see me on the floor with niggas kickin on me
All because you heard your broad was trickin on me
It ain’t nothin, the blick is on me, holla!
Rottweiler off the leash, I can’t be tamed
And you said due to ignorance you can’t be blamed
Shoulda seen the look on your face when came
Done and over, it’s done with, I can’t be gamed
I’m the S-Q-U-I-Z-Z-Y
Got a lil' tummy but you always see me fly
It’s no secret, haters wanna see me die
Like I’m a motherfuckin fish they wanna see me fry, eyy~!