Перевод песни Cinderella – Winds Of Change

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I look into the mirror
Can almost count the years
The memories are clearer
Of all those things I feared
I watch the time pass slowly
It comes and goes like the waves
The sea can touch the sky at night
It’s got the freedom I crave
I’m going through changes
In my life
I’m going through chaanges
It’ll be alright
Look into a picture
A thousand years are told
Now is it any wonder
What our tomorrows hold
Our yesterdays are over
You know they go so fast
If I could rule the winds of change
You know I’d make it all last
I walked alone
Through the blackest night
I felt the cold
I felt the bite
I took the high road
But it ain’t right
It’s just the low road
In disguise
I’m going through changes
Ah yes
Everything’s gonna be alright
Got to the top of an Uphill climb
Only to look
Down the other side
Just when you think
It’s on your side
This world will show you
Ain’t no reason to the rhyme
I’m going through changes
Ah yea
Everything’s gonna be alright
times keep a changing every day
Watch out now cause it’s heading
You way
Ah yea
Seems like the world turned upside down
Seems like everything’s falling down
But it’s all getting better every day
Watch out now cause a good
Time’s heading our way
Ah, every day