Перевод песни Birdman – Intro

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The beginning of a new begining nigga
Yeah, life so priceless
look, so priceless
like the family homie
joules came and the money straight ran on me
Mama left me as a youngin' so it came homie
Street came and the money was the fame homie
Cocaine is the fame of the thang homie
The dope game got me playin' in the streets homie
The dope game brought the chopper and it’s feet homie
New cars new bras nigga’s swag change
8 figures from the projects in the mud
Blood money nigga’s strapped all in the club
There’s no love in the city we’ll snatch the plug
The pussy wet so the pussy got a new plug
Mo hustlin' mo hustle not uptown
Puttin' down world wide nigga gettin' down
Flyin' round getting in; youngin' wear the crown
Mo money now
nigga shuttin' down
up top get the money cause we want it all
Break the bank bitch nigga come and watch us ball
Fly high
stay nigga so high
25 on the candy when we ride
Stay fly when I come through we fuck 'em all
Buck em all when they fuckin' with the big dog
cash shit,
talkin that fast shit
Cash Money Young Money this Priceless (One hundred)
See if you can see me
Five thousand on the lens
Let’s go
Rock with me
We in the buildin' baby
Ocean city view
Swagged out
Big money partner