Перевод песни Brenda Holloway – I'll Be Available

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In case you wanna ask me for a date now, any day, any time
For my answer you don’t have to wait now; let me give you mine
(I'll be available) every day
(I'll be available) whenever you say
When every ship in the sea has become unsailable
You can call on me; I’ll be available
You can date every girl in the town now, every girl you see
I don’t mind, I’m the patient kind; when you get around to me
(I'll be available) when you’re all alone
(I'll be available) just ring my phone
When you need a love that is unfailable
You can call on me; I’ll be available
I don’t care if you neglect me, just as long as I have my turn
You can write every girl in the whole wide world sweet love letters
When they hurt your pride & you decide you can’t do no better
(I'll be available) & it’s no lie
(I'll be available) I’m your old stand-by
When US Mail is no longer mailable
You can call on me; I’ll be available, oh yeah
Well now, when US Mail is no longer mailable
You can call on me
(I'll be available) when everyone else puts you down
(I'll be available) whenever you want me around
(I'll be available) when everyone else leaves you behind
(I'll be available) whenever you make up your mind
…& fade