Перевод песни Hanging Garden – Hands That Decay

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Is this finally the winter when solar wind breaks our fate?
I’ve been waiting for the last spell so long, I’ve lost the gasp of everything
Visions from my eyes
Run away from this dead end point
Is there a place to go, where hope still grows untouched by the hands that
Where tomorrow holds a brighter dawn, release from all this filth?
Run away from this soil ground
Harmony we broke
The dying glow
Dark shades of the failed cycle
Finish this shame
Heal me and walk away
No more staring walls
People full of holes
Blank eyes, hollow speech, the echoes
Breaking like zero degrees in my heart
Dead reality, veiling with frost us all
Breaking like zero degrees in my heart
Dead reality, all delight frozen and scarred
Waiting hands stained in blood
Waiting with ice cold heart