Перевод песни Kitaro – Last Phone Call

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Hey Sherlock you are OK?
Turn around I am walk back were you came.
I am coming in.
Just do as I ask. Please!
Stop there.
OK look up I am on the rooftop.
Oh God!
I can't come down so we will this of to do like this!
What's going on?
An Apologize. It's all true.
Everything they sad about me. I invented Moriarty.
Why you say this?
I am a fake.
A newspapers write all alone. I want you to tell Lesterade. I want you to tell
Mrs.Hudson and Molly.
If it tell anyone will listen to you.
Then I created Moriarty for my own purposise.
OK. Sherlock shut up. The first time we met. You know all about my sister,
Nobody could be that clever.
You could.
I reserched you. We met I discovered everything then I could impress you.
It's a trick. It's the magic trick.
No. Hey stop it now!
No. Stay exactly where you are! Don't move!
Keep your eyes fix on me. Please will you do this for me?
Do what?
This phone call it's my note. People do. Don't they? Even note.
Even note when?
Goodbye John!
No. Don't.