Перевод песни Ronan Tynan – Ellie

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The time has come to lead the charge
And I don’t want to pray
Our dreams that once were full of life
Now lie here in the fray
It’s all for king and country, yes
I know just who I am
My heart lies in the valley
My soul rides with the damned
How will they remember me?
Ellie can you tell?
The one who swore the traitors' oath
The poet mad as Hell
And will they fly the Hero’s Flag?
Or know just where I fall?
Ellie, don’t you wonder what’s this about at all?
And all I want is to feel your breath
So warm against my skin
Your lips so close
That I can’t breathe
Or take this madness in
Ellie, when I close my eyes
You’re in my every night
Knowing that I love you
Somehow makes it worth the fight
And little did they know that day
I cried the mourner’s tears
You held me in your ghostly arms
And took away my fears
Ellie, can you hear in now
The blackbird’s last refrain
Hush, I think it’s calling us
Back to the hills of Slane