Перевод песни Carpenters – Piano Picker

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Everybody always asked me
How I got to play so fine?
And friends, I’m gonna tell ya
It really did take some time
Yes, after years and years of practice
And a case of real bad knees
While the other guys were out playin' with the football
I was home bangin' on the keys
And it got me
Right where I am
This is me
Playing the piano
Hope ya like what I do
It’s for you
And I’ll try and sing right too
I guess, I’m really very lucky
That I’ve got this thing to play
Cause it can really make me feel good
Even when it’s cloudy and gray
Yes, after years and years of practice
(And this changin' of love)
And awful allergies that made me sneeze
And now the other guys are out playin' with their girlfriends
And I was still bangin' on the keys