Перевод песни Royal Bangs – War Bells

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
War bells clanging loud
We can go home
We can go home
The hills will swarm with lights
Thousands tearing up the ground
With their torches bearing down on
The bonfire in the town
Burn the flags of the aggressor
No more androids and oppression
The brassy night sky bright
It’s the very first twilight
Not sliced up by dead probe lights
I murdered a machine
Silver blood, sirens scream
The drones all put to bed
Our cannons rip them from the sky
They crash and scar the mountainside
Mothers in the street
Polish off a case of wine
Watch their children running wild
War bells
I murdered a machine
Silver blood, sirens scream
I cut our people free