Перевод песни Royal Bangs – My Car Is Haunted

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Tired of walking
Tired of sleep
The earth is burning
And my tapedeck eats
The cassingles i found in a warehouse
I guess they got greedy
Had to push that button
Nations erupted
They all lost
Control of
No confusion
No police
Just rampant jungle
Take back the peace
Flatten a century, sprout up some new stuff
Electric ocean
Sets free the beasts
Ghost computer
Chirps mournful beats
We hide in bunkers from animals set loose
Now the earth is working
You can hear it creak
My car is haunted
Blood running down the streets
We were the only ones
We were the only ones
And now there’s no one left
Alive to tell
About how we weren’t so scared
Before the ocean swelled
About how we used to live
Before the ceiling fell
In the age of lasers
We lost our shit
Now we’re back to candles
Keep the place dimly lit
We started running and haven’t quit once since
I was unprepared
When the sky flashed red
Frozen, i watched it
We all lost
Control of
A shrieking terror
Weaves through the trees
Some sudden blindness
Ungodly heat
We started running and haven’t quit once since
Tides of static
Level our homes
Sharp oscillation
Won’t leave me alone
We started running and haven’t quit once since