Перевод песни Steve Grimmett, Steve Stine – To Sing a Lullabye (Immy's Song)

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As I lay your head down to go to sleep
Wonder if you’ll ever know, just how much I love you
But I guess we’ll see
There’s plenty of time for you and me
I’ll watch over you and keep you safe
A life long job I wanna take
Just to see you smile in the morning
Baby I can’t wait, to sing you a lullaby
Yeah, sing you a lullaby
That only you will know
God bless you and, keep you safe
While you sleep away the night
And I can’t wait just to touch you in the morning light
And show you just how much I care
I’ll try and be the best friend you’ll, ever have
Come and talk to me, anytime
They’ll always be a place in my heart for you
To sing a lullaby
To sing a lullaby