Перевод песни William Rozar – O.O.B.E

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Far into the darkest night of
Any I recall
My mind was clear and free of any
Drugs or alcohol.
And from a sleepy slumber that was
Nearly deep as death,
I felt a strange vibration locked in
Rhythm with my breath.
A pleasant kind of purring at the
Bottom of my brain
Seemed to cause the thing that made me
Sure I’d gone insane.
For then I started swinging,
Back and forth while lying still,
My body disconnecting from my
Spirit and my will.
Chorus: (repeat twice)
Out of body
Then I floated in the air
Through walls from room to room.
Convinced by now that I somehow had
Finally met my doom.
And all that time I felt the pleasant
Purring in my spine.
But now I could not say for sure my
Body was still mine.
Chorus: (repeat six times)
Out of body
Soon the strange vibration
Started slowing 'till it stopped
And suddenly, while floating there,
I felt like I’d been dropped.
The room was still and dark once more,
The bluish glow had died.
Did this really happen or had
All my senses lied?
But I knew deep down my spirit really
Did break free and fly,
And ever since that night I am
No longer 'fraid to die.
I’m not afraid to die
Chorus: (repeat six times)
Out of body