Перевод песни Chee Malabar, Ali Abidi – Sedgwick Ave. (Feat. Mo)

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
To my saints, to my sinners, to my gangsters in Gotham
…how it feel to be a problem?
Being young, being brown, being clocked by that squadron
Robbing, killing, dealing out your apartment
…as hard as you are
If you really want to scare ‘em get a library card
I’m an inner-city griot, raised on public education
Facin' high blood pressure, and lowered expectations
Sick of waitin'—Jack Kevorkian my patience (patients)
Orchestrate a morbid rap orgy in my basement
Rape breaks, rape snares, no sultry glances
Ya’ll romance this game, I gave the game a Dirty Sanchez
…for the several that doubt me
Open your mouth and catch this verbal bukake
We where Hip Hop lives, they just rent sick pads
And I rep rap hard like I’m from Sedgwick Ave
To my fam, to my friends, to my folks in the struggle
…who love it that I hustle
Doubled up on my will knowin' doubts could crush dude
Trust truth and walk along the path of the just few
.i'm a kinder place
Spend time with these minors tryna help them find their place
When they get out of line, remind them, «rewind that tape»
Make em say, «that ain’t a phrase that’s a meat grinder blade»
Gut ‘em Halal style, bleed them out on stage
Let the crowd tape away, upload the feed to their Myspace…
(wrong).this ain’t politically correct—
(nah) this might offend your internet connects
Dimwits, tweet this, grab my cock, follow it
Your career lies in ruins like an archaeologist
Craft coffins, put your top ten up in it scoffin'
Your crib’s a tomb, someone send Lara Croft in
For the hunger for the hustle for the future for the youngsters
I do this for the culture
I do this with a passion of nobody thats amongst us
Teach me how to dougie I rather you Fredrick Douglass
See what they lacking in substance
They try to make up with a dance or acts that are fashioned rambunctious
But when it come to writing verses, rap flows and functions, I’m eating peoples
My tongue’s dipped in tungsten
Plus my crew is like the Munsters
We speak in mantras
Surpass any level
IMI the clicka and Im back in the schedule
Hear ya shitty verses and I have a little giggle
At times I feel like Malcolm Little turning competition into Malcolm in the
How can individuals?
Come and test the talent as sharp as a talon on a soaring falcon when he rips
Understand he gets you
With the only goal to destroy and rebuild them
To a New kingdom
Competition, killed them. Cus the flow sicker than blankets given by Pilgrims,
you still feel him?
Its like my whole organization practice gentrification. IMI we in the building