Перевод песни Chee Malabar, Ali Abidi – Harsh Truth

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Let me just be forward, I think you’re gorgeous
Thank my lucks stars just circling your orbit
Dinner dates, roses, you know I can’t afford it
Hop my neighbor’s yard though, and cut you out an orchid
Before you I thought booty calls was courtship
Horseshit I learned pimp limpin' into manhood
By the kitchen sink makin' dinner outta canned goods
You ain’t judge, knowin' it was all I could offer
Pauper prince, only dreams in my coffer
Such a cliché, you’re with a struggling rocker
Juggling jobs just to show my hurt locker
Gave it all I had just to get what I have
A few chicks, a few friends, I’ve lost on that path
I ain’t mad, I understand, cause I’m one strange cat
Thanks for lovin' my strangeness
You’re gracious, ageless, something so ancient
Guess he’s still reelin' from that trauma still
When you left and mama put on that armor shield
Hard to think how she dealt with seeing your face in his
Finding him in tears, mad, defacing all your shit
In your room with a handful of paint
Trying to picture you back in his life, straddling the pain
Respect the fact that you got him out of that shithole
Said why piss in the wind when you know where the wind blows
But it ain’t the simple when you’re ‘round about six though
Saw you at eight, then again at eleven
Grown ass man, dog, you can get to steppin'
Disaffected, nonchalance was his weapon—
All along all he wanted was to be adored
But those stops and starts left him feelin' scorned
I know it’s in the past and I probably shouldn’t complain
But somedays I see that child see the world through my gaze